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Published: 30th June 2011
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Latest offers from ICICI bank for their saving and current accounts

ICICI Bank, one of the leading and major private banks of India, is coming everyday with a new product and numbers of offers which is attracting it more customers. The bank has already achieved a fleet of 970 branches all over India. It is based in Mumbai in India. It is also running outside India in countries like New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, etc.

Earlier, one had to visit bank personally for every transaction in banks. But with the introduction of Net Banking in India with opening of foreign and private banks in India, transactions have become easier and time saver. For ICICI Net Banking, you will be mailed to your address you login id and internet banking user id. Once, you login the id and password given by bank, the link will automatically prompt for change in password for security reasons. It is recommended to change both login and transaction password. The internet banking account can be locked, in case one enters wrong id and password 3 times consecutively. It is always recommended to logout of ICICI after usage.

ICICI Bank is digitally certified by Verisign and facility of encryption. Therefore, certification helps in securing online transactions and privacy of data to secure your ICICI bank savings account .

ICICI Bank also offers Family Banking relationship. For such a relationship, one will require to open minimum one ICICI bank current account, one savings account, a maximum of 3 current accounts and 6 savings accounts. A single family id can be clubbed with Primary ID of parents with their children. Resident savings and term deposits accounts accept no-frills, HUF, NRI accounts can be linked under Family banking along with Current Account. ICICI Bank Savings Account offers you facilities of Debit – cum – ATM card, Money Multiplier facility, Internet banking, Customer care, Mobile Banking, Standing Instructions, Nomination facility, DD Call and collect. The interest rate has been revised to 4.00 % p.a. from 3.5 % p.a. effective 3rd May 2011. ICICI Bank has also savings account named Silver Savings Account and Young Stars Savings Account.

ICICI Bank Current Accounts offers a host of banking services anywhere which enables customer the facility of centralized banking. It provides faster collection of upcountry cheques. ICICI Bank Current Accounts include features like Multi – location fund transfer, anywhere deposit and withdrawal, Mobile banking, Electronic funds transfer, Corporate Internet Banking, Customer Care, Periodical e – statements in multiple formats.

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